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TMS _ Manual Quick Workholding Change System


TMS is a manual quick workholding change system with a self centering on its taper/face by means of a pull back system by 3 quick-locking screws in a half turn of the key.

TMS is suitable on any type of machines and spindle nose size.


  • Any machining process


  • Attachment: Spindle nose
  • Actuation: By the cylinder
  • The drawbar connected to the cylinder will be used to clamp and unclamp the mandrel or chuck through the segmented tulip.
  • Workhlding interchangeability is performed by an Operator.


  • High Accuracy: Concentricity ≤ 5μ
  • Simple and fast, saving your time during change over, allowing flexibility to your machines.


On request according to technical datas

For any additionnal questions please contact us.

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