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TEP Box Set_ Manual Expanding Mandrel


The most commonly used sizes of TEP mandrel have been brought together in a set of two types, which are provided in a robust toolbox to protect them.

The two types of TEP arbor and expanding sleeve set can accommodate workpiece diameters from 12 to 55 mm


  • Turning, grinding, and inspection


  • TEP-A – Workpieces range: 12 – 25 mm
  • TEP-B – Workpieces range: 25 – 55 mm
  • Actuation: Manual
  • To cover the whole diameter range, sleeves TEP280-8 and TEP380-9 will be required or for occasional use only, use the TEP250-8 and TEP350-9 sleeves fully expanded.


  • It is take for granted that every workstation where inspection and grinding takes place has a set of angle gauges and other measuring equipments but it should be equally obvious also to equip each such station with sets of TEP mandrels.

Their versatility, reliability and precision make them an indispensible tool for inspection and grinding operations between centers.


Boxes sets T-EP

item detail clamping area basic arbor expanding sleeve KG
TEP-A 12-35 TEP-3 TEP120-3 2,200
TEP-4 TEP140-4
TEP-5 TEP160-5
TEP-6 TEP200-6
TEP-7 TEP220-7
TEP-B 25-28 TEP-8 TEP250-8 8,200
30-33 TEP-8
35-38 TEP-9 TEP350-9
40-43 TEP400-9
45-50 TEP-10 TEP450-10
50-55 TEP500-10

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