TOBLER Company

TOBLER was founded in 1945. On February 1 st 2017, ALTIFORT Group has completed the acquisition of TOBLER SAS, France.

Tobler took over the production and worldwide sales of all collets which enlarge the product range of Tobler SAS. Currently Tobler SAS employs 85 staff and it is planned to increase the production staff in future. TOBLER is a worldwide leader in workholding solutions with high quality and precision expanding mandrels and chucks. This position is the result of extensive experience based on the following rules:

  • Research of excellence in new product development and continuous high level of cooperation / partnership with Customers.
  • Tobler products are designed for optimum efficiency and benefit from the application of the most recent technologies.
  • They are renowned for their long life and reliability.
  • With Tobler you will optimize economical batch production by reducing setting-up time and number of operations, hence reducing machining time.
  • The groundwork is carried out in Tobler’s experienced Design Office, acting as a proper engineering division, working in close relation with customers.
  • Tobler can fulfill complex Customers requests, by offering the most optimal solution.

Tobler company picture